McGregor Music Retreat 2019


Create. Collaborate. Connect.

Along with your practical skills as a musician, singer or songwriter, 21st Century musicians need to be creative, collaborative and sustainable. Here at the McGregor Music Retreat, we hope to provide you with the tools required to become all of these things.

Our 7-day summer music program is built on a framework that can facilitate musicians of varying experience and ages. You’ll pick your ‘music major’ and then through group instrument lessons, ensembles, industry workshops and performance opportunities you’ll embrace music fundamentals, create your own tune and be guided on your journey to become the musician you want to be!

13 – 19 Jan 19

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Explore the program below

Pick your music major from one of the below options. Click learn more to discover more about your tutor and the course content.

Step inside the world of contemporary vocals for live and studio performance.

This workshop will focus on developing your voice and learning a range of vital techniques to assist you in areas such as stagecraft and performance/ recording etiquette.

Your tutor will be Renae Suttie.

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Break into the world of modern strings! 

In this performance focused workshop, musicians will work on a set of popular songs in order to broaden their performance options.

Your tutor will be Salliana Campbell.

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Immerse yourselves in the world of guitar. 

Cover everything from finger and plectrum techniques; playing all chords; improvisation; reading notation and learning by ear; how to accompany vocalists and more!

Your tutor will be James Sherlock.

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Contemporary commercial piano. 

This workshop will help you becoming an agile contemporary pianist, able to cover the broad and ever expanding range of skillsets asked of pianists today. You will look at the role of the pianist in various contemporary genres including: Jazz; Blues; Country; Pop; RnB; and Reggae.

Your tutor will be Nathan Seiler.

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Unlock the dark secrets of the great horn players. 

This workshop will cover the nuts and bolts of brass and wind before expanding your individual sound from a base in Jazz theory.

Your tutor will be Andrew McNaughton.

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It’s all about the bass! 

Covering everything from groove to gear, time to tone this workshop will help you gain a great understanding of the role a bass player plays in a range of musical scenarios/styles.

Your tutor will be AJ Halls.

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This is a class devoted to all things GROOVE. 

You’ll take a microscope to recordings and your own playing to investigate time, feel and what it takes to make a good song feel great.

Your tutor will be John Parker.

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Global songwriting legend Pat Pattison will be running an intensive songwriting workshop alongside the McGregor Music program. 

In this Australian first, you’ll spend 7 days exploring lyric writing with Pat, working in a hands on environment to develop and refine your songwriting process.

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