ADSA 2016

The connection between the arts and resilience was celebrated at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) as part of the Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) Conference in June 2016

The event, titled ‘Resilience: Revive, Restore, Reconnect’ brought together theatre, drama and performance studies researchers from around the world. The conference took place from June 21-24 at USQ Toowoomba.


ADSA 2016 Conference Proceedings 

Scollen, Rebecca and Smalley, Michael, eds. (2016) Resilience: revive, restore, reconnect: Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) 2016 Conference Proceedings, Volume 1. University of Southern Queensland, Artsworx, Toowoomba, Australia, pp. 1-130. ISBN 978-0-9946184-0-5.

Introduction: resistance and resilience by Rebecca Scollen and Michael Smalley

Connecting Spectators to the ‘Face’ of the Dancer through Open Rehearsals by Anja Ali-Haapala

Building Resilient Actor Practice: Reciprocal relationships in theatre with and for children by Jennifer Andersen

Sensitive Space: Malmgren’s Inner Attitudes by Janice Hayes

Maternal Resilience and Preservative Love in Joanna Murray-Smith’sPennsylvania Avenue’ by Emma Hughes

‘Energeia’, the History Play, and Reviving Catherine the Great by Stanislaw Janowicz

Entering the Regional Scene with a Contemporary ‘Lysistrata’  by Vahri McKenzie

Entering the Regional Scene with a Contemporary ‘Lysistrata’ Appendices by Vahri McKenzie

Devising Resilience by James McKinnon

‘Finding Home’ / Finding Resilience in-between the Writer / Director / Actor / Audience relationships by Leah Mercer

Putting Hamlet in a hoodie: Critical issues in contemporising Shakespeare through costume design by Madeline Taylor

‘The elasticity of her spirits’: Actresses and resilience on the 19th century colonial stage by Jane Woollard

Recorded Keynote Speeches:

Peter Falkenberg,
Gitie House
Penny Bundy
Matt Scholten