Wheel Throwing with Robyn Gill

Altered Wheel Thrown Ceramics

Skill level: Intermediate^ to advanced
Estimated material cost: TBA*


In this workshop your will learn different ways of altering thrown clay pieces.

You will throw a number of bowls in varied sizes. These bowls will then be turned at the soft-leather-hard-stage – some with a foot and some without a foot, this will be your choice.

Your bowls will then be cut and manipulated, and the shape altered. Once you are happy with your shapes you will define your pieces with decoration and/or carving.

Time permitting Robyn will demonstrate Neriage on the wheel (throwing coloured clay).

Materials list
^ Prior wheel throwing knowledge is essential as you will be throwing bowls to work from.
*The cost of clay, glazes, stains etc will be divided evenly between the participants and advised well prior to the workshop.

About Robyn

Robyn joined the world of ceramics in 1986 after completing her Certificate 3 in Ceramics at Kingaroy TAFE. She later completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Ceramics & Textiles.

Since then Robyn has travelled the world studying the art of different cultures and has been invited to practise under experts in Korea and China. Based predominately on the Sunshine Coast, Robyn’s own practice now focuses on social and cultural issues with her work acting as a documentation of her acquired experiences and skills.