Watercolour with David Taylor

Colour and Variety in Watercolour

Medium: Watercolour
Skill: Intermediate and advanced
Materials: $350*

Discover the benefits that colour makes in the overall end result. The freshness and impact it creates and the mood and poetry that will come from the direct and spontaneous approach will be part of the journey.

Art is a personal journey and the growth in an artist’s life comes from knowledge, your personal touch and individual qualities will be encouraged. You’ll look at a variety of subject matter including landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, still life, buildings, boats and figures, working on small and large paper.

Your composition, techniques and drawing skills will be sharpened as you grow in confidence and see new changes in your individual works.

This workshop is senior secondary student friendly (bookable for those 15+).

Materials list

About David

David Taylor paints and exhibits both nationally and internationally. His work is recognised throughout the world and his has received numerous accolades.

This year David received the City of Victor Harbour Platinum Award (SA), was made a Life Member of the Victorian Watercolour Society and was the runner up in the Corporate Award Victor Harbour.

He has been recognised for his years of continuous service to the local, national and international watercolour community.

David continues to promote and encourage others on their special journey into watercolour and is an extremely popular McGregor tutor.



*The materials cost noted is indicative only if you need to purchase every item. You may already have some of the required materials or tools in your artwares collection and therefore the estimated materials cost will be less than indicated. See the materials lists for more information.