Watercolour and Acrylic Ink with Jan Lawnikanis

Experimental Interpretations of Nature

Skill level: Intermediate to advanced
Estimated material cost: $100 – $200*

Using watercolour and acrylic inks, in this workshop you will make unique interpretations of nature and learn additional texture and mark-making techniques.

This is an exciting and creative workshop designed to inspire and open you up to the many possibilities offered by this medium, the references materials and your imagination.

Old watercolour paintings can be reworked and used as collage elements as you discover ways of building upon works to create a mixed media feel.

Many of the techniques taught in this workshop are based on the methods of UK artist, Ann Blockley.

*The materials cost noted is indicative only if you need to purchase every item. You may already have some of the required materials or tools in your artwares collection and therefore the estimated materials cost will be less than indicated. See the materials lists for more information.

Note: this class is suitable for under 18. (min age 15)

About Jan

Jan has been teaching art classes and workshops continuously for the last 24 years, with students ranging from 6 to 92 years old.

As an artist, Jan is a multi-award winning painter, with awards, works and exhibitions across a range of genres and mediums. You can view Jan’s work hanging in many private and corporate collections world-wide.