The Unquiet – A USQ Feature Film


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Don’t stray from the highway…

On the last day of semester Lucy (Marni Forde-Sloan), a fiercely smart undergraduate student, decides to ride-share with Matt (Dugald Graydon), a shabby history major, on the long drive to her home. But as the kilometres roll by, and day turns to night, Lucy increasingly gets the sense that Matt isn’t just an innocent stranger.

When he takes an unexpected deviation from the highway and a mysterious car forces them off the road into a ditch, they become stranded on a dark, lonely country road.

Lucy is plunged into a night of survival battling against the elements, her fears, and a host of supernatural horrors who are the unquiet.

About the project

This is the first feature-length production created by the Film and Visual Effects faculty of USQ.

Together director Leonie Jones and cinematographer Stuart Thorp (winners of Best Sound Design at the 2018 OZFilm Awards) worked with a crew of second and third year students to plan, film, edit and visually enhance this monster of a movie.

Students were able to experience the thrill and demands of a real-world working environment and develop specialist skills across camera operation, sound design, lighting, make-up and costumery, video editing, score composition and visual effects.

This film is the cultivation of 9 months work by a team of more than 20 people, and is a vanguard project which will become a recurring element of our creative arts curriculum.

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