Songwriting Intensive with Pat Pattison

He’s the guy who wrote the book on songwriting!

In this Australian first, you’ll spend 7 days exploring lyric writing with Pat Pattison, working in a hands on environment to develop and refine your songwriting process.

Over 7 days you will learn:

  • Brainstorming techniques: Explore object writing in depth, learning the relationship between showing and telling. Find out how to create powerful and effective metaphor, using simple exercises you can do on your own.
  • Title and verse development: Learn how to develop the flow of ideas before you waste time writing a lyric that dead-ends in some dark alley. Find out how to create a chorus or refrain that can be repeated effectively without having to change the words each time.
  • Structure: You’ll learn how to craft more vivid lyrics by mastering the elements of structure and the process of building lyrical ideas into more compelling songs.
  • Writing lyrics to melody: There’s no use writing a great lyric and a great melody if they don’t work together.

Students will have the opportunity to perform their original pieces at the end of retreat concert should they wish too.

“I took a class with a great teacher named Pat Pattison… I learned a lot in that class…and I still read that book, Writing Better Lyrics. I think it’s great.” – John Mayer

About Pat:

Pat Pattison is a Professor at Berklee College of Music (USA), where he teaches writing and poetry.

His books: Songwriting without Boundaries (2011); Writing Better Lyrics (1995; 2009); The Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure (1992) and The Essential Guide to Rhyming (1992) are standard texts for universities and music schools worldwide,  while his online course Writing The Lyrics has been completed by 1.5 million students (and counting)!

Pat presents songwriting clinics the world over and his student list includes names such as 3-time Grammy winner Gillian Welch and singer-songwriter John Mayer.

“Pat Pattison does the impossible.  He takes the mystery out of songwriting without taking the heart out of it.” – David Wilcox



Please note: Pat’s intensive songwriting workshop is running in conjunction with the 2019 McGregor Music Retreat, however McGregor Scholarships are not applicable for this workshop.