The LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™ in residence at USQ

An Intensive 9-Day Professional Development Course for Singing Teachers and Singers

If you have ever studied singing, you are probably familiar with the concepts of “breath support” and “resonance”. Those concepts go back to the earliest days of singing voice training in the 1800s. In more recent years you may have encountered methods that teach deliberate constriction, tension and squeezing as methodologies. It’s time for something really different.

Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method is a body-based approach to training, incorporating a wide swath of new tools. It is aimed at those who sing and teach Contemporary Commercial Music.

Based on Ms LoVetri’s more than four decades of experience as a singer and singing teacher, as well as her years of work with experts in voice medicine, vocal health and research, it draws from multiple sources including traditional classical vocal pedagogy, theatrical speech work, age-based parameters and knowledge of many diverse musical styles.

Fast facts/ FAQs

Somatic Voicework™ increases auditory accuracy, kinesthetic awareness and personal satisfaction with the process of singing and facilitates balance in the voice and body. It uses clear, simple terminology, functional concepts and cultivates unique vocal expression in each singer.

Somatic Voicework™ was the first-ever course of Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy in the United States. Over 1500 teachers of singing, music educators, choral conductors, singer/songwriters, vocal coaches and singers of all styles have been through Somatic Voicework™ courses, in the USA, Canada, South America and, in 2017, Australia. The method avoids any and all manipulation of the structures within the throat and mouth.

All levels of teachers of singing are welcome, from beginners to those who are highly experienced, as the materials are flexible and adaptable to a variety of needs and populations. Ms LoVetri will be assisted by Brenda Earle Stokes, who is trained in her method and has worked with her for over 12 years, and Heather Keens, who is an accomplished teacher, performer, and voice researcher in Australia.

Why review Somatic Voicework™?

If you have taken Somatic Voicework™ anywhere in the past, you will find that each time you review it you will leave with something new, as Ms LoVetri teaches each course uniquely.

The materials remain the same but the emphasis on the content varies according to the group and its needs and interests. Many of Ms LoVetri’s students, even those who have worked with her for decades, report that the work deepens over time through exposure. Because it requires educated ears and eyes, awareness expands as skills grow so we encourage everyone who has an interest in the work to return multiple times, as participants report that this is the best way to become more expert using the concepts of Somatic Voicework™.

What participants say

“Attending Jeanie’s course at USQ gave me access to world-class professional development. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from one of the world leaders in our field and to connect with a community of voice teachers looking to the future of our profession.”- Jo Fitzgerald, Singing Teacher, Auckland, New Zealand

“a life-changing event” – Clare Birchley, Bachelor of Creative Arts student, USQ

*The Refresher price is only available to those who completed Somatic Voicework(TM) – The LoVetri Method at Artsworx in 2017. Please contact us on or 07 4631 1111 to claim your discount code.

**Book today with a $250 deposit. You can then pay off your workshop at your leisure, with final payments due 14 Dec.

Please note that while this course runs alongside the McGregor Summer Retreat, McGregor Summer Scholarships are not applicable for this workshop.