SEWING with Margaret Adam

Sewing Boot Camp

Skill: All levels
Estimated materials cost: $35* own sewing machine required

About the workshop

This workshop offers a sewing program tailored to your skill level and needs.

For intermediate to advance students you can choose from a variety of samples, learning various techniques useful for making your own clothes. Samples will include zips, facing and bias necklines/armholes, as well as shirts, pants and more.

For beginners you will review what is important about sewing. Covering design, fabric choice, reading patterns, marking/cutting and of course sewing! You will cover a variety of small projects.

Following your booking, Margaret will contact you to discuss your requirements including your current skill level and what you’d like to learn. If you don’t own a sewing machine Margaret may be able to assist as she has a range of sewing and overlocker machines.

Materials list


About Margaret

Margaret has many years’ experience, having worked for both established and establishing designers as a pattern maker, designer and production manager.

For many years she designed and made clothes for women with unique body shapes who found it difficult to source those very special pieces of clothing.

Margaret also runs her own sewing school, combining her knowledge of body and fit with her love of teaching!