Round Heads and Pointed Heads

Money Calls to Money: A Tale of Horror

Brecht’s Round Heads and Pointed Heads is a satirical parable, which follows the leaders of the fictitious county, Yahoo, who set their people against each other.

Czuchs (round heads) and the Czichs (pointed heads) are pitted against each other as their country’s leaders attempt the all-too-familiar “divide and conquer” technique. As the story progresses, the audience is given the opportunity to experience the struggles that come with balancing loyalty and material gain.

Written in 1936, the play was intended to satirize the emerging growth of Nazi power in pre-WW2 Germany and its messages and themes remain all too relevant in today’s environment.

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2018 Incubator Series

CloudStreet: 31 May – 2 Jun
Classic Album: 8 Jun
Cabaret: 18 & 19 Oct
Round Heads and Pointed Heads: 11 – 12 Oct
USQ Student Short Film Night: 9 Nov

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