McGregor Music Retreat: Drums

This is a class devoted to all things GROOVE.

You’ll take a microscope to recordings and your own playing to investigate time, feel and what it takes to make a good song feel great.

Learn how to create irresistibly addictive grooves by gaining an understanding of the various roles of the drummer in a given ensemble and exploring classic tracks by famous percussionists.

You’ll analyse various playing techniques and incorporate these into your practice, taking your sound to the next level regardless of your starting point.

No matter what your skill level on kit there will be something here for everyone.

About the tutor: John Parker

John Parker is an award winning Brisbane based musician, composer and educator. John graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium in 2000 where he is now a lecturer in jazz drums.

John has become well known for his eclectic performance and writing style, and has an extensive musical résume. His recent collaborations include works with Ensemble Trivium (2018), Trichotomy’s “Known – Unknown” (2017), Plexus Collective (2016) and “Ski Safari 2” (2015); as well as prizes like 3rd place AT Magazine Remix Competition (2014) and 3rd place PAS Solo Marimba Composition Contest (2012).

John has also performed and worked with the likes of: Topology; Expressions Dance Company; QSO and ASO; Women in Voice; QTC; Opera Queensland; Katie Noonan; Vince Jones; James Morrison and John Rodgers to name a few!


This workshop is a part of the McGregor Music Retreat. A 7-day summer music program built on a framework that can facilitate musicians of varying experience and ages. The program aims to up-skill musicians through group instrument lessons, ensembles, industry workshops and performance opportunities.