Leather Sandals with Pendragon

Make your Own Leather Sandals

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate
Estimated material cost: $60*

In this workshop, you will create a pair of summer sandals, choosing from a selection of designs. All styles will be open heel and open toe.

Students will have the opportunity to individualise their sandals with embellishments, dyes and other decorative leather techniques. Sandals can include ankle straps and buckles. Mens styles can also be catered for.

Intermediate students will have the opportunity to incorporate fashion heels.

Due to time constraints, no orthopaedic needs can be catered for in this workshop.

Materials list
*This provides you with a kit to be purchased from Pendragon including everything you need to create your sandals.

Note: this class is suitable for under 18. (min age 15)

About Pendragon

Jackie and Adrian are designer shoemakers based on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. They started their label Pendragon Shoes in 1987 and have been hand-making shoes to order since then. Pendragon Shoes have made their way into many film and theatre productions and have also been featured in exhibitions nationally and internationally.

The duo have been sharing their knowledge with want-to-be shoemaking now for over 10 years. Their fun, fast-paced workshops have become renowned for helping people to create art for their feet! Art that you can wear with comfort and pride!