Jewellery with Dan Cox


Jewellery Casting

Medium: Jewellery
Skill level: All levels
Estimated material cost: $200-$250*

During this five day workshop, students will create rings, pendants and learn a variety of casting styles including wax carving and ‘Lost Wax Casting’; organic casting and cuttlefish casting. You will also have the opportunity to explore the art of creating settings in the wax.

Students will be guided through the full cast jewellery process from carving to casting. You’ll cover jewellery techniques including sprue and investing the wax, sealing organics for casting and both reductive and additive processes.

You’ll take with you multiple custom pieces to add to your collection and a wealth of knowledge which will see you creating for years to come!

This class is suitable for those 15 years and older, however if you are under the age of 18 please contact the McGregor Office prior to booking. 

About Dan

Your teacher Dan Cox is a renowned jeweller, sculptor and teacher having studied at the Queensland College of Art and exhibited as part of a range of exhibitions including the JAA Awards exhibition (Sydney) and Troika 7 (UK).

Since Winter Retreat last year, Dan has travelled to Europe and America, where he has made new connections with jewellers and organisations including the Metalsmith’s Guild of Portland, Maine and internationally renowned jeweller Kate Wolf.

Dan has also relocated his studio to Victoria, taking advantage of this position for trade fairs and festivals such as The Lost Trades Fair, Gemboree and various other festivals.

Dan continues to expand his practice to include sculptural elements, painting and multimedia.

*You will be required to purchase some items (such as investment powder) directly from your tutor in order to take advantage of bulk purchase prices. These will be payable prior to, or during the retreat – see materials list for further details.