Science as Art: Inspiring Illumination, Creative Curiosity


Visiting Plasma physicist, Dr Ceri Brenner presents a free public talk at USQ!

Lasers are a beautiful and powerful tool. They’re fascinating to observe and inspiring to study. In describing scientists and artists, artist Alistair McClymont remarks: “both ultimately search for truth and both see beauty in that truth”.

Join physicist Dr Ceri Brenner as she reveals the beauty behind her work with the most powerful lasers in the world, how she is inspired by the world-changing applications that she and her team work on and the extreme technology she gets to work with.

Dr Ceri Brenner is visiting Toowoomba as the 2018 AIP Women in Physics lecturer tour, she will also visit universities in Tasmania, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Victoria. For more dates visit

About Dr Benner

Working on the border of research and innovation, alongside leaders in the field of high power laser plasma physics as well as with academics and technical directors within some of the UK’s largest R&D companies, Dr Benner is passionate about physics outreach and communication.

She was a founding member of the ScienceGrrl initiative, whose message is ‘Science is for everyone’; chair of the Thames Valley Branch of the British Science Association; treasurer for the Institute of Physics Plasma Physics Group; and founder/ director of the Students@Harwell network.

A passionate physicist and public speaker, Dr Benner brings a creative curiosity to her field believing that innovation comes only from the imagination!

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