Guitar workshop – Improvisation with Anthony Garcia

A workshop in the art of solo and ensemble improvisation

Anthony Garcia’s artistic practice reflects a musical freedom that defies simple categorization. His exploratory approach has generated a highly personal musical style that fuses: the ancient with the contemporary; ethnic music with exploratory improvisations; pulsating world rhythms and Asiatic soundscapes.

This workshop will focus on a range of techniques, methods and strategies that can be employed in creating new original music for guitar through improvisation.

The program will be relaxed, interactive and conversational as Anthony aspires to generate new ideas, while exploring what is possible on this timeless instrument.

The program will be ideal for those wishing to develop an original voice through their instrument.

The workshop is appropriate for plucked stringed players on classical, acoustic or electric guitars of any level. It doesn’t matter if you read notion or play by ear – all are welcome to attend.

Players of all levels are welcome to attend and participants will have the freedom to set their own level of practical involvement. 

About Anthony

Born in the United States, with time studying, living and working in Australia Southeast Asia and Mexico, Anthony Garcia’s approach to performance captures his diverse cultural experience through a tapestry of original compositions and improvisations.

Immerging from the experimental music scene in New York, Garcia has performed throughout Australia, China, Thailand, Japan, Mexico and the US.

Completing a Masters Degree in classical guitar at UQ in 1999, Garcia obtained his PhD in Music at the University of Tasmania in 2015 and his performances continue to be underpinned by his extensive research.

Guitar Workshops 2018

Adam Miller: Contemporary Finger Style – 9 Mar
Anthony Garcia: Improvisation – 30 Jun
Doug De Vries: Jazz, Bossa and Nova – 21 Sep

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