Enamelling with Barbara Ryman

Painting and drawing with vitreous enamel with Barbara Ryman

Medium: Enamel
Skill: Introductory to intermediate**
Materials: Starting from $80* see materials list

About the workshop

Enamelling is a colourful and expressive art form. When your work is made into jewellery it becomes a very personal and wearable artwork.

There is an exciting array of techniques to discover in this medium and in this workshop you will explore and experiment with painting and drawing enamel techniques. You will create images and designs which will be bought to life in jewellery.

A copper base will be overlaid with white enamel to form the ‘canvas’ onto which the enamels are applied. Progress will depend on individual enamel and metalwork skills but ready-made bezels will be available so that you can choose your 2 favourite pieces to make into jewellery. More experienced jewellers can choose to make their own settings at a later time.

⇓ Download materials list

About Barbara

Enamelling has been the central medium of Barbara Ryman’s thirty five years as a jeweller and enamel artist.

She has exhibited widely; her work is in collections in Australia and overseas. Barbara has received many awards, particularly in Japan.  Her latest solo exhibition “Fragment” was held in March 2016 at the Stanley St Gallery in Sydney, NSW.

**This class is suitable for the beginner and experienced enamellers; however, basic metalwork skills of sawing, filing and drilling are a must!
*Materials start from $80*. The cost of this class can vary greatly depending on what equipment you already have and what you wish to achieve during the workshop.  Some materials are only available from international suppliers and the cost may vary dependent on the exchange rate at time of order. Your tutor can assist with a bulk order and you should contact her at bar.rym@bigpond.com for more information