Drawing with Richard Klekociuk

I Don’t Believe It’s Coloured Pencil!

Medium: Coloured pencil
Skill level: All levels
Estimated materials cost: $120*

Coloured pencils have traditionally been thought of as the ‘poor cousin’ of art mediums – but not anymore!

Experience the unique properties of the world’s best coloured pencils as you explore their (and your) potential in an action-packed workshop that will stimulate, challenge, surprise and reward you.

This workshop covers a broad range of topics including:

  • road testing the products and supports
  • planning and executing meaningful drawings
  • tips and tricks
  • revealing the real ‘you’ through your own style of drawing.
  • the challenges of working in realism through to abstraction.
  • painting with coloured pencils.

Join Richard to discover why coloured pencils are a joy to work with and are so versatile!

This class is suitable for those 15 years and older, however if you are under the age of 18 please contact the McGregor Office prior to booking. 

About Richard

Richard graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art in 1971 and he continues to mix teaching with his own studio work.

Currently based in Port Macquarie, NSW, Richard specialises in coloured pencil drawing and has Master Coloured Pencil Status Awards from both Canada and Australia.

He has won over 50 awards for his work, often in open company. Richard is an Ambassador for Caran d’Ache in Australia.

Richard’s work is heavily influenced by his environment, and he is particularly interested in ‘forgotten landscapes’, mark-making and ‘landscape cleansing’. His interpretations vary from hard-edged realism through to simplified abstracts.

*The materials cost noted is indicative only if you need to purchase every item. You may already have some of the required materials or tools in your artwares collection and therefore the estimated materials cost will be less than indicated. See the materials lists for more information.