CloudStreet (Cancelled)

This event has been cancelled. 

The decision has been made to cease the production of CloudStreet as the learning objectives for the second year students who were to preform this work will not be adequately met by producing the three hour live performance.

We apologies for any inconvenience and hope to catch you at our next production Love and Information

A celebration of community and a look at family connection in working class Australia.

Two families, the Pickles and the Lambs, have occupied the same suburban Perth house for twenty years post World War II.

One family, steeped in austere Christian values and a ferocious belief in hard work and self-denial; the other a reckless hedonistic bunch of boozing larrikins.

Based on Tim Winton’s iconic novel (1993) and adapted for the stage by award winning playwrights Nick Enright and Justin Monjo (1998), Cloudstreet is a collection of searing, funny, tragic, whimsical and dreamlike metaphors for an Australia in search of its beliefs, direction and identity.

Performed by a cast of USQ second year students from the acting cohort of the Theatre Major, not only is this play entertaining and thought provoking, it also contains all of the challenges fundamental to developing a solid base of interpretive, transformational and performative skills.

This is an Incubator event

Incubator events showcase USQ’s emerging artists and convey a sense of raw energy and talent. Typically created as part of the artists’ learning journey, Incubator events focus on the development of ideas, skills and concepts rather than a ‘polished and finished’ product.

USQ Artsworx invites you to experience these works first hand! Bring with you an open mind and allow yourself to digest an array of exciting potential laid out in its purest form.

2018 Incubator Series

CloudStreet: 31 May – 2 Jun
Classic Album: 8 Jun
Cabaret: 18 & 19 Oct
Round Heads and Pointed Heads: 11 – 12 Oct
USQ Student Short Film Night: 9 Nov

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