Calligraphy with Lexie Arlington

East West: Blurring the Lines

 Medium: Calligraphy
Skill: All levels
Materials: $20 -$50*

Find your oriental flavour in this combination workshop. You will use oriental materials and a bamboo script as well as western techniques to create impressive calligraphic art works. You will explore the possibilities of combining both Oriental and Western approaches to create expressive calligraphic art works.

The workshop will cover:

  • The use of Western papers and inks in oriental calligraphy
  • “Bamboo” script and the use of East Asian (Chinese/Japanese) calligraphic materials such as brushes, Sumi ink/inksticks
  • Using traditional oriental paper and painterly backgrounds
  • How to prepare the thin oriental paper for writing using a broad edge nib or brush.


This workshop is designed for students to work to their individual level and experience, while expanding and growing their own capabilities in a friendly and relaxed learning environment.

Materials list

About Lexie

Lexie Arlington is a highly respected freelance calligrapher, lettering artist and qualified teacher based in Sydney and has over 30 years of experience.

Working largely on a commission basis, Lexie’s works are typically for corporate events, weddings, private clients. She has taught community, regional, interstate and overseas groups.

Lexie’s style has been inspired by the history of traditional letter forms, her love of gestural mark making using mixed media and non-traditional tools; this mix allows her more freedom in her creativity in her work. Lexie’s work has been chosen for publications in Australia, the UK and the United States.



* The materials cost noted is indicative only if you need to purchase every item. You may already have some of the required materials or tools in your artwares collection and therefore the estimated materials cost will be less than indicated. See the materials lists for more information.