Enjoy the music you love performed by talented USQ Music Students.

It is difficult to define exactly what the term ‘cabaret’ means artistically; the only generally agreed upon requirement to fulfil the meaning is that it is entertainment provided in a venue where eating and drinking occurs.

Cabaret is an umbrella term which covers a wide range of artistic and stylistic activities. At its heart, it involves direct and often intimate communication with an audience, with no theatrical “4th wall” in place.

The cabaret project is the culmination of a semester of collaborative music practice for USQ’s second year music students. It provides an opportunity for them to experience the process of creating a show from scratch, something they’ll no doubt be asked to do throughout their career.

The project often forces them to think seriously about the material they choose to present and share. It’s an opportunity to bring the audience into their world for a few moments and communicate their love and understanding of the music they’ve chosen.

This is an Incubator event

Incubator events showcase USQ’s emerging artists and convey a sense of raw energy and talent. Typically created as part of the artists’ learning journey, Incubator events focus on the development of ideas, skills and concepts rather than a ‘polished and finished’ product.

USQ Artsworx invites you to experience these works first hand! Bring with you an open mind and allow yourself to digest an array of exciting potential laid out in its purest form.

2018 Incubator Series

CloudStreet: 31 May – 2 Jun
Classic Album: 8 Jun
Cabaret: 18 & 19 Oct
Round Heads and Pointed Heads: 11 – 12 Oct
USQ Student Short Film Night: 9 Nov

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