Acrylic Portraiture with Robyn Bauer


Portraiture in Acrylics

Medium: Acrylics
Skill level: Introductory to intermediate
Estimated material cost: $150-$200*

Portraiture is one of the most loved of artistic genres. From the earliest depictions of one’s “likeness” to modern contemporary interpretations, portraiture has never gone out of fashion.

In this class you will employ a modern approach to portraiture informed by great portraits and artist of the past.

Over five days you will study the basics of the anatomy of the head and face by studying plaster casts of the skull, muscles and features.

You will then be painting from live models, aiming for accuracy and a likeness while also taking a modern approach to colour.

By working with bold, direct brushstrokes in acrylic, you will investigate how colour and light reveal form and explore how to create the illusion of a three-dimensional head on a two-dimensional canvas.


About Robyn

Robyn Bauer is a full time artist based in Brisbane’s Paddington.

She has won numerous prizes and most recently took home the People’s Choice Award in the QLD Figurative Award at the Royal Qld Art Society.

She is well known for her colourful urban landscape paintings and portraits of local residents.

Robyn has her own gallery in Paddington and has worked at the Qld Art Gallery, the Brisbane Institute of Art and QUT. Robyn has taught nationally and internationally and her most recent exhibition was “Brisbane Secrets” in Nov 2018.

* The materials cost noted is indicative only if you need to purchase every item. You may already have some of the required materials or tools in your artwares collection and therefore the estimated materials cost will be less than indicated. See the materials lists for more information.